And first up on the plate! The Logitech MX Master 3.

Taking the first swing is a mouse, now many a mouse is focused on gaming and on gamers. And while that’s a valid market, I feel there’s a limited market for those wanting something that isn’t all about the RGB and the gaming aspects. Here is where Logitech is one of the first real competitors in that space that isn’t Microsoft, or apple, and while they produce arguably wonderful professional accessories they’re definitely more fine-tuned for their in house line-ups of products. This is a low grouch producing product because it generally only had a few things that turned me off, and partially that was Microsoft’s blunder with drivers and my foregoing all my senses and not troubleshooting or researching properly.

For the basics
You get a 1 on the battery, I have left this thing uncharged for weeks up to a month, and it still works. I charge it about every month and a half, and I use it personally and at work all day. Of course YMMV, but overall its battery life is outstanding.

You get a 1.5 for me about the design, the only real thing I have to complain about is personal, I’m ambidextrous/cross dominant and with a mouse designed to be ambidextrous I’ve often switched sides depending on what I’m doing. If I needed to use my right hand for something, my left hand could operate the mouse, or if whatever I was doing with the mouse tended to have a better outcome with one hand or the other I’d switch, with this mouse it’s designed for righties and I get it, they designed for the majority of the market with this thing. It’s just a simple gripe, the design is ergonomic and comfortable.

Connectivity gets a .5, I can connect to 3 different devices, switch between Bluetooth and dongle with ease (with drivers working, but we’ll get to that later). You can generally just hop between devices as you need, and it doesn’t complain, windows and mac might ask you to install their software, but you don’t even need to.

For the more intricate and definitely more subjective aspects of this I’d start with build quality, and it gets maybe a 2, I have a bit of grousing about the feel, it’s light, almost to the point of feeling cheaper than the actual build quality is, which I dislike and like at the same time, it sits on a fine line which is that it’s light enough to be comfortable to carry, but heavy enough to where you don’t feel like you’re moving an empty piece of plastic like a manufacturer’s mouse, you know the generic one you get with every office pre-built. However, if it had slightly more weight, it’d feel better and almost more rewarding to use. Again, those are my opinions, and it gets a little more grouch points from me.

Now for the sensor, this isn’t even an objective viewpoint with data from them you can go look it up on Logitech’s website, this is just me using the mouse, the sensor is probably better than most gaming mice I’ve had the pleasure/displeasure of using, it tracks well, it doesn’t care much about surfaces (I can use it on glass) it doesn’t try to move the cursor when I try to pick up the mouse to move it. This doesn’t even get a .5 I even use this with some non-competitive gaming, and a couple of shooters and have had no issues. It’s performed stellarly

For the final bit of this, it is the one major gripe I really have which hits about 3.5 , and this was drivers/software. Part of this is Microsoft, and part of this is Logitech, but let’s make it clear unless you tinker with driver software using this with the dongle can be a challenge when Microsoft auto-installs the wrong drivers, Windows 10 sometimes thinks it knows better than Logitech and will install drivers that are wholly incompatible, the way to get around it is to not only go into device manager, and uninstall, but then you have to turn off automatically installing “the best” drivers in windows settings to ensure that when you go to update drivers in Windows updates or if you use a software for it. Where Logitech failed in my book here, was that their documentation on how to fix this was nonexistent I had to go find a blogger who’d figured it out, and this was after searching for months, with no answers that helped. Unfortunately, I cannot find it, otherwise I’d link to their article. (goes to show I should’ve saved it, but I’m not always the brightest)

In conclusion, of the 7 things I looked at with 5 possible points on the amount of grouching it produced for each from me, you got 8.5 out of 35 possible points. So overall a great score, I’d only call out that maybe they could make it ambidextrous or have a left-handed version, have better documentation for the driver issues, and maybe add just the tiniest bit of weight to make it feel more satisfying.

Adding a link to Logitech’s site for this mouse, even at almost $100 it’s more than worth it. (note it’s the 3s which is a later produced model the 3 isn’t there but you can likely find it on ebay or amazon or your online seller of choice for products like this)

Been in tech for 7 years in the support function. While in that career, I've developed a reputation for being a bit of a grouch, though quoted as "the grouchiest helpful person you'll ever meet" I hope to make informative, sometimes comical articles that outline my experiences with hardware and software and help anyone looking to buy products of a similar nature make informed decisions.

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