Soon on the platter, future plans…

Currently, I am simply doing reviews, but hope to expand this site to include so much more than just that.

To give a little perspective, my family has always been big on education, whether from the perspective of always learning, to actually being in the education profession themselves, and I enjoy from every angle helping people not only have their issues solved, but to hopefully take a little something from it and help themselves solve their own issues. I like the perspective of, someone who’s done helpdesk and tech-support, making the need of me scarce so that I have to prove my utility in other ways.

In that endeavor, I’d like to make this post to announce that I will possibly be looking into getting a ticketing system set up for this site to help others with their tech issues if I can and possibly bring anyone else who’d like to help in on it too. I also want to make short article format lessons for different tech topics.

To wrap that all up, this is in no way, shape, or form a goal for the near-future. This will be a slowly shifting, changing goal that I, and anyone who wants to be a part of, will work towards.

Been in tech for 7 years in the support function. While in that career, I've developed a reputation for being a bit of a grouch, though quoted as "the grouchiest helpful person you'll ever meet" I hope to make informative, sometimes comical articles that outline my experiences with hardware and software and help anyone looking to buy products of a similar nature make informed decisions.

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