Stay awhile and listen – Welcome to grumpy tech reviews!

I guess for my first post on this site, an introduction is in order. I’m the grumpy tech, I chose this particular pseudonym based on a joke a friend once made. Laughing, about how, while I may grumble at you, at whatever thing I’m doing, at the universe in general, I’ll still be trying to help however I can. The joke eventually evolved into them saying that I should review tech based on “how much it annoys me”. That’s my segue into explaining how I will be reviewing products, the scores here are in reverse higher scores means it’s frustrating or annoying in some way or form.

I wanted to start breaking down how I’ll be measuring my level of “grump” and these may change and evolve as I get better about this.
Ease of use. = what is says on the tin, how easy is it to use day to day
Battery life = Same thing about the tin, how long does it last, how quick to charge
Additional Software = this is a little more complex because it also breaks down into things like its own ease of use and the like.
Setup = how easy is it to get started, is it plug and play, is it a little more complex
Community and Mfg support = how well does the mfg of a product support their product, how well does the user community pick up where the mfg failed.
Build quality = how does the product feel, does it stand up to abuse, does it look well-made.
Various situational measurements = depending on what type of device it is, I may pick some other points to review regarding those specifics.

PS: sorry for the random Diablo II reference.

Been in tech for 7 years in the support function. While in that career, I've developed a reputation for being a bit of a grouch, though quoted as "the grouchiest helpful person you'll ever meet" I hope to make informative, sometimes comical articles that outline my experiences with hardware and software and help anyone looking to buy products of a similar nature make informed decisions.

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